Robobike has kits, much like the Erector Sets ™ of old that allow for the design, modification and fabrication of bicycles/tricycles/quadcycles of any shape and size. A collection of tubes with an assortment of bottom brackets, head sets, drop outs and doublers offer the builder a chance to build to his heart’s content. Build, ride, change, build, ride, change, etc etc. You get the picture.

We now have developed a catalog of pieces to help those of you interested in DIY bikes, particularly battery powered two wheelers.

…we will send you a catalog if you want it. Robobike.pdf

We have given you a set of links to our past efforts. Robobike no longer builds custom bikes or kits on demand.  We are now entirely DIY.



  1. Elizabeth

    My 7th grade science class is building four electric bikes but they want to build the frames, everything, and not just hang a motor on a mountain bike.
    Is your book available as an eBook? If so, please contact me at the email address I used. Please.

    1. ROBOBIKE Post author

      Ms. Elizabeth
      It is quite a feat to build one much less four ebikes and though certainly possible, it is unlikely a seventh grader has the skills needed to pull it off alone.
      Do you have a work place?
      Do you have experience bike mechanics with the time and desire to help?
      It is a wonderful idea. The ebook ( How Much Does It Weigh?) is on its way via email off-line. Please do not share it with others.
      Contact me if you need help, we are there for you.

  2. Matt W.

    I understand that you have some design guidelines available for download. I’m looking for torsional rigidity and section modulus for your materials.
    Where can I get these?
    thank you …Matt

    1. krilson Post author

      Yes, our catalog of parts available for purchase is full of the engineering data you cite. We find it helpful to show equivalencies among materials such as aluminum vs steel.
      The latest edition of the catalog is not ready for distribution as we have discontinued many items due to low interest. We now have modular designs for the DIY crowd plus a section on custom parts such as headsets. I’ll let you know when it is ready for distribution.

  3. John

    Brilliant. Range anxiety solution. Exactly what bikes need. Good ideas.. How many MPG?. Where did you get such a light generator? I’ve had something like this in the works, waiting for warmer weather. I hope to be the proud father of an E-bike motor someday, I was going to use bamboo for frame but this looks more sturdy.. I’ll stay tuned

    1. Bonita

      Thank you for the kind words. Good luck with your motor, we have a number of original designs here in the shop.
      Bamboo seems to be a good choice for structures, more so than most people think.

  4. River

    good day,

    I was directed to the Made in Portland,org listing of frame builders, from around here and wanted to see if you can modify my Surly LHT frame, so it can accept Gates Carbon Belts… Surly actually makes a coupling for their travel bike, but not on the rear chainstays:( how much would that cost… building a coupling for the rear chainstay like theirs please?

    best regards,


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