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Avoiding The Blast

One of the reasons, a big reason, for using a motor on your bike involves clouds of burnt gasoline. Waiting at a stop sign or a red light is the safe thing to do, we all know that. However, when the light turns green and all the cars hit the gas, you get blasted with a face full of burnt gasoline. An electric motor allows you to out accelerate the cars and avoid this nasty toxic cloud.

Machinists and Engineers

I’ve been asked to comment, really, I was, about whether machinists or engineers are the smarter. Sounds like a dumb thing to do, granted, but I’ve worked in two dozen machine shops, both as a machinist and as an engineer, and this issue has shown up in every one of these shops. Most machinists think engineers are stupid and most engineers don’t care what machinists think. My own experience is that, after spending 20 years in the shop, then going to school for a brief while to train in engineering, I was thoroughly delighted when hired for my first engineering job. Engineers make more money and work a lot less but the work is boring. Machinists work more and make less but the work is boring. Both groups are full of individuals who are incompetent and lazy. Both groups have all-stars but machinists get little respect. Engineers get more respect than they deserve, especially the good ones.       The USA skipped an entire generation when it comes to training machinists, real machinists, not these chop saw guys who think they are skilled in the metal working arts, and it will be a real challenge to fine good people who can sweep a tooling ball and dial an offset. I can’t find any.

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