Controllers and Warranty Repair



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There are two types of ebike riders in the world. The first group is comprised of those who have electronic controllers, meters, or other devices that have quit working for some reason. The second group is comprised of those riders who will experience a failure in the days to come.

Obtaining warranty repair is usually not possible.
We here at Robobike have established working relationships with some of these suppliers who encourage our efforts to repair or at least evaluate components for possible warranty service. YOU, as an end user, stand little to no chance of obtaining warranty service on your own.

We service BMS and Protection modules, DC-DC converters, boost converters for solar charging, mains charging,  J1772 charging. Motor controllers, and data acquisition systems.

To obtain an evaluation of your board repair needs, send an email to with a description of your needs. Our staff will first contact the manufacturer for warranty repair and then give you an idea of the success rate, cost and timeline for such repair. We also repair in-house for all types of digital and analog circuits. A wise man once said, “In the end, it’s all analog”.