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Living the automobile free lifestyle offers a number of challenges
not the least of which is hauling loads
Robobike has a number of designs to meet that need

front or rear loader
"There is nothing more efficient than a man on a bicycle except, of course, a woman on a bicycle."

Bingo Sun Noon
Partial to Front loaders? Have a look at the Delivery Boy

Rear Loader? The entry level Pickup conversion recycles that old road bike

Trailer? Our single wheel bike trailer has been built countless times

Tricycle?...There's nothing like Robotrike for selling snow cones at the beach, A front wheel drive, multispeed workhorse

Steel frame mods in our Donorcycle section

Bike projects that don't require welding

Short, stout power systems using the co-axial wheel put to good use in our tricycle

Bike Designers will appreciate sections on...

Mechanical Couples and how to avoid them

Weight and Balance calculations and how to manipulate a design for perfect balance

ISBN 978-0-9792754-0-1
226 pages, illustrated with drawings, tables, photos and blueprints
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